Joyeuses St Valentin

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Un petit clin d'oeil à tous les Amoureux...



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I spend my life

Thinking about... you and I

And how I want... to spend my time

In your arms

But time has no meaning

If you’re not around

'Cause all I have to give... is for you,

To taking here, close...


This is a love song, a love song 

This is a love song, this is a love song 


I’m trying to call with my images... of you in heart,

Like in each other behind my back


this is your love song, your love song baby...




Une merveilleuse journée à tous,

pleine d'Amour, de joie et de bonheur!




bijoux pierres gemmes (pierres semi précieuses) et lithothérapie, la boutique de Cupidon: anges gardiens et bijoux coeurs 


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